Smart Location Technology

Introducing Smart Location Search Technology - our proprietary GIS technology that combines knowledge graph, conversational search and artificial intelligence to better understand search queries and to deliver relevant location-based results. Unlike traditional directory search, it is developed with the ability to process natural language queries, allowing users to search similar to how they might ask a human-being, in both English and Thai languages.

Examples of Queries
- Find Kasikorn ATMs near Seri Thai Rd
- Locations of Dental Clinics In Phuket
- Show Me Address of Lumpini Condo
- Where Are The Pawnshops In Nonthaburi?
- Find Supermarkets In San Sai, Chiang Mai

Key Features
Our Smart Location Search technology helps users find the exact position of any location, discover the nearest point of interests and access travelling directions in real-time. Combined with a clean and sleek U.I design, KlaiKlai makes it easier for users to access location-based information anytime and anywhere, on their smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.